Morro Bay, California

A unique history lies in this sleepy fishing town.  

From the rock's volcanic birth, to the estuary and ocean's natural wonders, watersheds native flora and fauna, indigenous tribes stewardship, era of Spanish settlement, history of township and agriculture, rock quarrying, war training, the literary and cultural movement, impressive power plant stacks, and essential community building and development - all before the towns incorporation in 1964 - there is a tremendous amount to uncover.  

Join me in telling local stories, unearthing lost artifacts, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces to celebrate the place I call home!

About the artist

Morro Bay has my heart. 

I first laid eyes on Morro Bay when I relocated to San Luis Obispo County in 2006. Confused by the juxtaposition between Morro Bay's natural beauty and obtrusive smoke stacks, I was instantly curious and wanted to learn more.  I was lucky enough to fall in love with a local and we began our own family here in 2015. I've enjoyed unpacking the towns history slowly over the years, exploring all Morro Bay has to offer,  and I have a deep desire to learn more and connect with the people that make this place a quaint community of under 11,000 residents. 

My goal with Morro Baby is to highlight Morro Bay, California through art and meaningful conversation. 

Amy Smart 

Story telling: The Morro Baby Project

The Morro Baby Project aims to collect stories from Morro Bay pre-1975. If you'd like to submit your history, please fill out the Google Form below!  Only your story will be collected from you, no contact information is required to fill out the form. 

Current collections

Seeing signs

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Remember when?

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Building the Bay

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